The rate of Progenesis SameSpots publications continues to rise

Last November I blogged about the rapid rise in the number of publications citing Progenesis SameSpots and predicted a total of 96 by the end of that year, based on an average 8 publications per month achieved over the previous 10 months. It turned out to be a good estimate, our final tally was 90 by December 31st 2010!

So six months into 2011 what is the trend looking like? And what could we expect as the total number by the end of 2011? Initial results indicate the rapid rise in publications continues.


The projection for the whole year was based on an average 15 new publications per month we found from 1st January to 31st March 2011.

Feedback from our users may explain why we’ll see more and more people adopting Progenesis SameSpots over the coming year, as well as a catalogue of evidence validating its performance and benefits, including:

  • Speed. Typical analysis times of 5 minutes per image with a fast, streamlined workflow. The time you save compared to traditional analysis approaches allows you to run more gels for more reliable conclusions.
  • Objectivity. Easy-to-use and highly reproducible results with no post-analysis editing required on the majority of experiments.
  • Statistics. Increased statistical power for your experiments with 100% matching and no missing values so you can apply multivariate statistics for reliable, unbiased 2D image analysis.

I look forward to seeing whether my prediction of 180 SameSpots publications by the end of 2011 comes true. In the meantime let us know how Progenesis SameSpots has helped you generate proteomics data with impact. If you haven’t tried it yet, download Progenesis SameSpots and you’ll get six free image analysis licences to try on your own data.

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