Proteomics Forum, Berlin – a good week was had by all

DSC01241 (2)Last week my colleague, Martin Wells, and I attended the Proteomics Forum in Berlin. When I arrived in Berlin on Sunday afternoon, I could tell that summer is not far away anymore because it was 25°C! This conference with numerous well respected keynote speakers (i.e. Matthias Mann, Leigh Anderson, Ruedi Abersold, Hanno Langen, Albert Heck) could take place in spite of the bankruptcy of the company who should organize this event. My former much valued colleague in marketing at Waters Germany, Julia Conrad, deserves most credit here, since she took initiative and directly contacted senior management of Waters US and asked for additional funding to rescue this event. Well done Julia!

This conference was an excellent opportunity for networking as well as cherishing and building new relationships, not only with our customers but also with our colleagues from Waters and other mass spec companies. It was great to meet Jana Lee from Proteome Software, who develop Scaffold, and Martin and I are sure we can benefit a lot from each other in the future. The social evenings with our Swedish friends from Denator will also stay in our minds; we managed to have some fun around the hard work!

In summary, this has been a very successful conference for Nonlinear, and not only because of the above mentioned reasons. There were numerous posters that showed convincing results from customers, using Progenesis software. Progenesis LC-MS was even quoted in 5 poster abstracts, some examples including:

  • Helmholtz Center Munich used it for quantitative biomarker studies in plasma samples as well as tissue and CSF samples,
  • a group in Belgium at the University of Leuven studied the browning of apples and the proteins involved in that process, and
  • Kai Stühler et al from the MPC Bochum used Progenesis LC-MS to monitor protein changes in cultured human fibroblasts.

There was also one poster abstract from Mohaghegh University in Iran who used our SameSpots software to study the effect of cold stimulus on the protein expression of winter wheat. As a result of all these posters, a couple of attendees came to our booth and wanted to know more about our software and even directly asked for quotes!

Stefanie Hauck from Helmholtz Center Munich, one of the first users of Progenesis LC-MS in Germany, also came to our booth and told me that they more and more use Progenesis LC-MS for label-free quantification in her group. One area where they also use the software is to quickly check whether an IP (immunoprecipitation) experiment had been successful. So it’s really encouraging and positive to see that Progenesis LC-MS gets more and more acceptance in the scientific community, thanks to our customers who produce meaningful results and our techies who constantly improve this piece of software. So why not try it out yourself?