Do you need help with your data management challenges?

We meet with a lot of proteomics researchers using label-free LC-MS who are not only looking for a quantification software, but who are also trying to find a hardware solution which allows them to maximise their data processing capabilities and also offers sufficient data storage.

A small label-free LC-MS experiment of 20 runs can require data storage of 2GB, and with data sets increasing in size as researchers run more replicates, it is not surprising that researchers are considering specialist hardware to meet this challenge.

We want to help our customers get a complete solution for their data analysis, so we are happy to be working with Sage-N Research Inc. who develop the SORCERER proteomics platform. The SORCERER is available in several configurations, depending on your level of throughput and your budget – so it offers flexibility. It also comes with SEQUEST 3G which has been specifically developed and optimised for applications involving phosphorylation and other post-translational modifications (PTMs). When Progenesis LC-MS is installed on the SORCERER for quantification studies, you have a complete proteomics analysis platform.

product-sorc2The flagship server version, SORCERER 2, is designed to support multiple researchers, such as high-throughput laboratories and core facilities. It also has numerous other applications that assist with the complete proteomics workflow, including Scaffold for protein identification, and ASCORE for phosphorylation site localization.

You can use the pre-installed SEQUEST 3G search algorithm, or install your usual search engine (e.g. MASCOT, Phenyx etc.). The beauty of this system is that it is simple plug and play set up. There are many more features too numerous to mention in this blog – find out more on the Sage-N website.

So if you want to benefit from the quantify-then-identify approach of Progenesis LC-MS and also want a hardware solution to process and store your LC-MS data, it is definitely worth taking a look at the SORCERER Platform.