Is Progenesis LC-MS Investigator the answer to your analysis bottleneck?

LC-MS Investigator iconThe Progenesis LC-MS software range has a new addition! We have just released Progenesis LC-MS Investigator which is designed to work alongside the main Progenesis LC-MS licence. 

Whether you use a core facility, or do your mass spec in-house, there will often be occasions when you either wish to complete the analysis yourself, or you need to free up the main software licence for processing data, rather than exploring results.

One of the main aims of the Investigator project was to offer Progenesis LC-MS users an affordable way to extend their data exploration capabilities. Investigator is available as an annual licence – pricing is on our web site.

Progenesis LC-MS Investigator:Work on your peptide search results and free up the main Progenesis LC-MS licence

  • Can import any archived experiment which has been analysed as far as the filtering step  in Progenesis LC-MS (so that’s after alignment and peak picking).
  • Helps you complete your data exploration using the workflows and visualisation tools available in the main  Progenesis LC-MS software.
  • Has workflows to help you find interesting peptides, perform peptide searches, work through protein conflict resolution and quantify identified proteins.
  • Makes your data portable as you can easily transfer data between collaborators.

We have a download of Progenesis LC-MS Investigator, and of course an online tutorial for you to follow (thanks Mal!) Why not  take a look at how easy it is to import your archive and access the full range of data exploration features?