Does Progenesis LC-MS support all of your lab’s instruments?

A typical lab doing LC-MSIf you’re running a lab that uses LC-MS machines from a variety of vendors, you’ll be familiar with some of the problems this poses. All too often, the software supplied with each one is designed to analyse only the data produced by that particular machine.

Using different software packages for different machines’ data has some important implications, including:

  • reduced productivity, as you switch between programs
  • increased training costs, as technicians need to be familiar with many programs
  • reduced consistency in your analysis, as each package will use different analysis methods and workflows

With Progenesis LC-MS, we’ve tried to address these issues by supporting the most commonly encountered machines and data formats. So far, we include direct support for the following vendors’ file formats:

as well as the widely-supported, vendor-independent mzXML format, and also NetCDF files.

Even if your machine isn’t directly supported, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to convert your data to mzXML. For example, Bruker users can use CompassXport to do the conversion, and anyone with AB Sciex WIFF files can use ProteoWizard.

However, do we support all of your machines? If not, please do let us know and we’ll see what we can do to change that. 🙂