First look: new features in Progenesis LC-MS v3.0

Progenesis LC-MS logo Earlier this year, at ASMS, we showed a sneak preview of the next version of Progenesis LC-MS. I’m pleased to say that v3.0 is now in its final testing phase and should be released very shortly. But… what’s new?

Fractionation support

If you’re fractionating your samples, the most exciting new feature for you is the support we’ve added for this type of analysis.

Building on the strengths of the existing analysis process for individual fractions, Progenesis LC-MS v3.0 has a separate workflow for recombining the fractionated samples. The result is a very simple-to-use process that makes recombining your protein data trivial, preserving its integrity with automatic, cross-fraction normalisation. More on this in a later blog post… 🙂

Normalise to spiked proteins

If you’re spiking your samples with a protein of known concentration, you can now take advantage of this. We’ve extended the Review Normalisation screen, adding an option to normalise peptide abundances across runs based on the peptides from your spike.

Scaffold support

If you’re a Scaffold user, you’ll be pleased to hear that Progenesis LC-MS now directly imports Scaffold results, further increasing the reliability of your protein identifications.

And more!

As well as the features above, there are many more significant enhancements, including:

  • Automatic grouping of related proteins (optional)
  • Exclusion from quantification of peptides shared across multiple proteins (optional)
  • Simplified filtering based on tags
  • Advanced searching using regular expressions
  • Improved contextual help, including videos

I hope some of these new features are what you’ve been waiting for. If you have any questions about any of them, or simply want more information, just get in touch — we’re happy to help.