The end of Ludesi and REDFIN?

This week, we heard news that Ludesi, the company behind REDFIN, had been declared bankrupt (Swedish version; English version here). While the website is still live, it’s unclear how long it will remain so or whether it’s still possible to analyse experiments using it.

If you’re one of Ludesi’s customers, now might be a good time to download and try out Progenesis SameSpots. As well as offering a robust analysis process that has become an industry standard for 2D gels, we’re ready to help you maintain your productivity at what could be a difficult time:

  • we can give you immediate access to Progenesis SameSpots  to finish any outstanding projects
  • you can also quickly re-analyse images, which will allow valid comparisons to any further gels
  • the new SpotCheck workflow can enhance your existing quality control by using an objective, statistics-based approach

We hope you’ll find all of the information you need on our website, but if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch. We’ll do all we can to help.