Posters at HUPO 2010

Messages have been relayed from the other side of the world giving us highlights from the ground at HUPO 2010 in Sydney. Wednesday was set to be a good day for us as we had posters presented showing applications of both Progenesis SameSpots and Progenesis MALDI.

The first was a collaboration with Bio-Rad, presented by Kumar Bala. It demonstrates how using common reference materials and new software features, as well as a community approach, allowed 19 labs from around the world to achieve the same quantitative quality of 2D gel running. The Progenesis SpotCheck workflow was used to set and measure the quality of the 2D gels. In this case >80% of spots had to be within 3 standard deviations of average normalised spot volumes from a set of 10 gold standard images.  We have a copy of the poster so you don’t have to go all the way to Sydney to see it.


Screenshot from Progenesis SpotCheck

The second poster showed proof of principle of a highly reproducible biomarker discovery platform combining Nanotrap biomarker harvesting, matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight (MALDI-TOF) MS analysis and rapid bioinformatics screening with Progenesis MALDI software. As a part of the proof of principle it was applied to identify differences between control and disease serum samples from lung cancer patients. This demonstrated the technology as a powerful new approach to the discovery of disease-related biomarkers and you can read a copy here.

That’s a good round up of the posters of interest from us. You can get details of these and all the other posters on display in the full abstract book available on the HUPO 2010 website.