Agilent Q-TOF support in Progenesis LC‑MS

Progenesis LC-MS has always had the ability to load mzXML, the machine-independent data format. This means that even if we don’t support your machine directly, you can still convert your data to mzXML and analyse it using Progenesis. However, for Agilent Q-TOF MassHunter data in particular, the process of converting to mzXML (using msconvert) is slow and sometimes error-prone. Even after conversion, loading the mzXML data into Progenesis LC-MS can take a long time, as the files produced are often quite large.

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been able to speed up this process by adding direct support for the MassHunter data format. By using ProteoWizard, Progenesis LC-MS v2.6 is now able to load the data without you having to convert it first. This makes it much quicker and easier to use Progenesis LC-MS with an Agilent Q-TOF for label-free analysis.

How much quicker? Using our built-in support for MassHunter reduces the loading time for each run by up to 90% — from a few hours (for converting to mzXML and then loading) to under 20 minutes. It’s already making a great difference to the time it takes us to test our software; we hope it makes a difference to your work too. 🙂