The night before and the day after (Wednesday@ASMS)

Time zones are confusing sometimes, or maybe I’m easily confused? Because of the timetable here and the time difference between Salt Lake City, USA and Newcastle, UK then I will have to start this post with what happened on Tuesday night, then finish on Wednesday tea time, but I’m writing this at 12pm Wednesday night in Salt Lake City or 7am UK time…see, it’s confusing 🙂

I signed off the last post saying I was going to discuss Progenesis LC-MS data analysis with a prospective user. This was actually the first time we’d shown anyone the alpha-version of the software that can handle pre-fractionated samples. However, the success of this first demo led to four more today.

I did the demo myself—a brave step for me—but with Ian Morns, our Development Manager, at my side to keep me straight. Normally, I might leave this to Ian or one of the sales guys, but as I’ll be collaborating with the group to produce data we can publish, it seemed only right that I take the lead.

Encouragingly, from just a teaser using limited data in the alpha-version we all got very excited by the results, and it’s got most of the features needed by the sound of the feedback. From just this little session, we designed a whole new experiment that we can add to the publication to make it even stronger.

On that high note, we hit the hospitality suites. If you have ever been to ASMS, you’ll know what this is like; if you haven’t been to ASMS, go and try it! We were in the Agilent suite, which had the biggest TV screen I’ve ever seen with CGI on it that was pure Hollywood showing how a mass spec works. The night ended with special times in a downtown bar. I got to chill out with our friends from Denator, who contribute to The Fixing Proteomics Campaign. The night ended with a karaoke duo by Katarina Alenas (Denator) & Mark Bennett (Nonlinear) with big support from a visiting group of South Pacific Islanders, who were fun as well as beautiful singers.

051 If you can guess what Katarina & Mark sang I’ll give you a prize!
Just post a comment below with your guess…

So, on to Wednesday, which is today (I think :)). I met Martijin Vanduijin, whom I mentioned yesterday, from Erasmus Medical Center. He’d seen the data from his group on this blog, saw I was here at ASMS from more posts, and came to say hi! They’ve recently been upgraded to Progenesis LC-MS v2.6 so we showed him some of the new features that can really help reduce noise in his MS1 peak picking data.

I then went around the six posters representing Progenesis LC-MS today. Ben Collins, from UCD in Ireland was showing one based on similar data to the one we have for you to read on our website. Karin Barnouin, from London research institute Cancer Research UK, presented her poster which showed a good example of how we handle missing values. One panel showed a great detecting presence/absence of a tryptic peptide measured in a Wild Type vs. a deletion mutant. The Boston University School of Medicine were well represented, following on from the posters they had here last year.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur, the booth was so busy with Progenesis LC-MS demos. The shot below is one of the last of the day, in action at around 5pm.

052 Martin Wells from Nonlinear (far right of shot),
still wow-ing us with his knowledge to the end

I’m back in the house after more hospitality suite fun; posting this so I don’t get into trouble with Beth, my demanding marketing colleague in Newcastle… only joking Beth :). Actually, she’s been amazing, supporting us in thought and action from the UK, so thank you!.

You may detect that I’m getting a bit tired and emotional now, but then, it is the final day of ASMS tomorrow. And to maintain the time-zone confusion, the next post will start with news from earlier this evening. See you then… 🙂