Sunshine and High Pressure in Salt Lake City (Tuesday @ASMS)

First, some bad news to report. I lost my camera 🙁 at the end of the day yesterday. So when I got back to post my blog, which is usually based around photos for inspiration I had none! I held on hoping to get it back, but it’s been lost forever. So I’ll use some other images (courtesy of Google). It also puts me a bit out of synch, so bear with me…

What a difference a night makes. The cold misery left Utah on Tuesday, replaced by warm sunshine, fine views of the mountains and everyone is smiling. To prove it, here’s a picture of Main Street outside with mountains in the background and two smiling Progenesis users, Kevin Howe and Michelle Cilia from USDA-ARS, in a sunlit doorway to the Salt Palace Conference Centre… 😉

Happy Progenesis Users sun in Salt Lake City, Utah

You may remember Michelle being mentioned in my blog post yesterday? I’m really excited to say we’re going to work together on a case study promoting her research on biomarker discovery in aphids, which we’ll share with you. I hadn’t realised how fascinating aphids were; for example, did you know you can induce them to switch from sexual to asexual reproductive cycles? This may sound like a novelty, but it means Michelle can access a well-designed sample set with very low biological variability. This fact, plus her rigorous experimental design and use of Progenesis SameSpots analysis, means she can find interesting proteins of small, but statistically significant fold change.

If you want to do something similar to promote your proteomics project, or just tell us what you’re doing (or what you’d like to do!) with Progenesis SameSpots or Progenesis LC-MS, then come and see us at future conferences or get in touch by email.

Earlier today, I also had a (pleasantly) surprising meeting with Dr. Alexander Ivanov (from Harvard University HSPH, Boston) at his poster. For last year’s ASMS meeting, Alex and I worked together on a poster validating Progenesis LC-MS’s ability to quantify proteins, sharing data by email. Today was my first face-to-face meeting with Alex and, even better, it was by coincidence at his own poster that once again featured Progenesis LC-MS. Alex has been comparing Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT) with different treatments to improve cell lysis and digestion procedures as part of sample treatment before label-free LC-MS analysis. This has many benefits over common tryptic digestion protocols, including:

  • higher throughput
  • higher efficiency
  • better reproducibility
  • better coverage

He’s then using Progenesis LC-MS to quantify the presence of peptides of various physio-chemical properties in PCT treated samples vs. alternative treatments.

Another highlight of personal interest was the data presented by the team from Erasmus Medical Center in The Netherlands. I’ve already covered the publication from which much of this data came, showing some of the benefits of our quantify-then-identify approach in Progenesis LC-MS. It was great to see it presented live on a big screen, by Dominique de Costa from the Dept of Pulonology. Martijin Vanduijin was also presenting a poster on Antigen-specific markers in immunoglobulin peptides from rat immune sera, which again used Progenesis LC-MS for label-free quantification.

Okay, I’m feeling some high pressure myself now; it’s nearly time for the exhibition to close, then I have to send my dispatches before another customer meeting to discuss LC-MS data analysis. More tomorrow…

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