ASMS Salt Lake City kicks off tonight

I feel like a foreign correspondent, submitting copy to keep news flowing from a far-flung war zone, although the reality is much less hostile! 20 hour travel time from Newcastle and we’re here in Salt Lake City for the 58th ASMS conference on Mass Spectrometry. Four of us from Nonlinear—Mark Bennett, Martin Wells, Ian Morns and myself—are here sharing a house 5 miles from the venue, so first things first: groceries and a cup of tea. Second most important thing of the day was to register and get the new-look stand set up.

A nice cup of tea

This is my first time at ASMS so I was overawed at how big an event it is. There are already plenty of people here; you can easily identify them as they’re walking around with poster tubes and I’ll be sharing any highlights from these posters here over the next five days. Already, I know of nine posters that include data from Progenesis LC-MS, and the team from Erasmus Medical Center are presenting  label free LC-MS quantification results, some of which I highlighted in my last post.

We’ve all worked hard towards getting here and are looking forward to sharing news from the ground. We’ve only just released version 2.6 of Progenesis LC-MS, but we have a lot of meetings set up here with existing users and new people interested in seeing a preview of a new version of Progenesis LC-MS being developed to handle quantification of fractionated samples. To support this at ASMS, we’re running a special offer that you might be interested in.

We’re off to the Opening Ceremony now, so over and out, and more news tomorrow…