Another new release from Team Nonlinear – Progenesis LC-MS v2.6

The development of Progenesis LC-MS is moving so fast I struggle to keep up at times! But I’m happy to say that v2.6 was released last week and the team are already working very hard on the next major release, which will be out later this year.

So what’s new in v2.6 I hear you ask? There are now a range of feature detection parameters, additional features for data QC ( normalisation plots and calculations of CVs) and a new experiment design option which allows you to analyse time course experiments. There are a few other bits and pieces too, so probably best to have a look at the update flyer

The development team are now focusing on analysis of samples which have been pre-fractionated. We know some of you are looking forward to seeing what we’ve done, so watch this space, or even better visit us at ASMS where we’ll be showing the latest developments off for the first time.

Don’t forget to check out Paddy’s updates from the meeting.

Bye for now.