Getting ready for ASMS

It’s been quite a week this week as we finalise our preparations for the ASMS (American Society of Mass Spectrometry) meeting which is in Salt Lake City this year. We’ve being putting the finishing touches to a special offer which we are rolling out next week based round our Progenesis LC-MS software but more exciting than that – we took delivery of some new exhibition stand graphics!

For the uninitiated, they are the printed panels that we hang on the stand structure, and since we have recently re-branded, we got some new ones designed and printed. That might sound straightforward, but it was more complicated than I had anticipated. Trying to blow up screen shots to such a large size out of the software required some digital trickery which our techies kindly helped out with. There were nervous moments as I unpacked the finished product, but they look great so we’re really happy. Of course it didn’t take long before someone spotted a tiny mark, the size of a pin head on one of the white bits which shouldn’t have been there, but I am happy to ignore that. I’m sure after the first conference, when they are bundled back into the packaging there will be more marks on them!!


So if you’re going to ASMS, please keep a look out for our booth and stop by to say hello. My colleague, Paddy Lavery, will be posting regular updates to the blog from the meeting so if you want to keep in touch – watch this space!

Phew, one conference prepared for, but a few more in the plan – why not check out our events list to see where we’re going next?

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