Monthly Archives: May 2010

The night before and the day after (Wednesday@ASMS)

Time zones are confusing sometimes, or maybe I’m easily confused? Because of the timetable here and the time difference between Salt Lake City, USA and Newcastle, UK then I will have to start this post with what happened on Tuesday night, then finish on Wednesday tea time, but I’m writing this at 12pm Wednesday night […]

Sunshine and High Pressure in Salt Lake City (Tuesday @ASMS)

First, some bad news to report. I lost my camera 🙁 at the end of the day yesterday. So when I got back to post my blog, which is usually based around photos for inspiration I had none! I held on hoping to get it back, but it’s been lost forever. So I’ll use some […]

Our first full day at ASMS, and what a day!

Apparently an ideal blog post should be focussed on a specific topic. That’s going to be hard with all there is to share from last night’s Opening Ceremony and the first full day at ASMS here in downtown Salt Lake City. Here goes… It was a busy opening night. We went to our booth expecting […]

ASMS Salt Lake City kicks off tonight

I feel like a foreign correspondent, submitting copy to keep news flowing from a far-flung war zone, although the reality is much less hostile! 20 hour travel time from Newcastle and we’re here in Salt Lake City for the 58th ASMS conference on Mass Spectrometry. Four of us from Nonlinear—Mark Bennett, Martin Wells, Ian Morns and myself—are here […]

Another new release from Team Nonlinear – Progenesis LC-MS v2.6

The development of Progenesis LC-MS is moving so fast I struggle to keep up at times! But I’m happy to say that v2.6 was released last week and the team are already working very hard on the next major release, which will be out later this year. So what’s new in v2.6 I hear you […]

Getting ready for ASMS

It’s been quite a week this week as we finalise our preparations for the ASMS (American Society of Mass Spectrometry) meeting which is in Salt Lake City this year. We’ve being putting the finishing touches to a special offer which we are rolling out next week based round our Progenesis LC-MS software but more exciting […]

Our “quantify then identify” approach gives you more

I wish the manuscript in the Journal of Proteome Research from Theo Luider and his team at the Erasmus Medical Center was available when I had to give my presentation at the London Biological Mass Spec Discussion Group. It’s got a great example of one of the advantages of our “quantify and then identify” analysis […]