Another happy Progenesis SameSpots user :-)

It’s always great to hear from our customers, and yesterday we got some feedback from Dr. Marcel Koken from CNRS UMR 6539 LEMAR (Laboratoire des sciences de l’environnement marin) in France. He said, “A few months ago, a "SameSpots" demo session gave us the impression of an easy-to-use application. Now, we have finally bought the program … and our initial idea has been completely corroborated; very easy to use and very reliable results!”

If you would like to see how easy to use Progenesis SameSpots is, then you can always take a look for yourself. Keep an eye out for the email you receive when you download the software with your licence code to analyse your own images. If you don’t have any images to hand, then why not take a look at the tutorial images?

Happy Friday 🙂