Out with the old, and in with the new!

Well this is my first ever blog-post, so bear with me! I’ve been reading some tips on how to write good blog posts and they range from trying to inject a bit of humour to keeping a really focussed message. Well I’m not a comedian, and I have been known to drift off every now and then so we’ll just have to see how it goes……:-))

It’s been a really busy past 6 months and now it’s time to reveal to the world what we’ve been working on. To start 2010, we have a brand new website which shows off our new look and is packed full of interesting and useful information relating to the world of proteomics research. And to top that, we also have a new version of Progenesis SameSpots v4.0.

I’m not going to bore you with all the new features in v4.0, you’ll be able to find that out yourself by having a look. So if you want to try it on your own data then you can download it  with some free image licenses to get you started.

We have lots of customers singing the praises of our software, and so you can see who some of our users are, they have kindly given us permission to share with you what they think. Jesper Hedberg of AstraZeneca RD in Sweden recently said, “Previously, we always considered 2D image alignment and analysis to be one of the big bottlenecks in 2D gel proteomics. SameSpots has completely changed that. 2D gel analysis is now easy and we do much more 2D experiments.”

I hope his words encourage you to take a look!