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3 benefits for your compound data analysis you don’t want to miss!

An account of an easy to use GUI, ability to overcome retention time shift challenges & gain confidence in correctly identified small molecules.

Progenesis plugins: gotta catch ’em all!

Progenesis QI plug-ins handle different file formats, search methods and pathways tools, giving a flexible, up-to-date approach to Omics research

Missing values: the Progenesis co-detection solution

Explanation of how Progenesis QI uniquely provides an Omics data analysis with no missing values, giving a robust statistical analysis.

Identification scoring in Progenesis QI

Steven Anderson shows how you can increase confidence in your metabolomics IDs, using the additional dimensions of your data in Progenesis QI.

Missing values: the hard truths

What problems do missing values cause for LC-MS data analysis?

Missing values: what’s the problem?

What are missing values and why are they a problem in LC-MS based ‘omics analysis?

Why do people buy Progenesis QI when there is freeware available?

Read what Professor Jace Jones from University of Maryland School of Pharmacy has to say about the benefits of using Progenesis QI.

6 ways Progenesis QI can help with your compound identification

See how Progenesis QI can help you to identify the compounds in your LC-MS experiment – with 6 methods to choose from.

Barking up the right tree: characterising Garcinia buchananii extracts with Progenesis QI

A look at how Progenesis QI helped Dr Timo Stark of Technische Universität München to rapidly characterise Garcinia buchananii extracts.

Food for thought at RAFA 2015

Find out about how Nonlinear Dynamics got on at RAFA 2015.