Wilka Hudson

Wilka HudsonHello! I’m one of the software developers here at Nonlinear and have been for a long time now; which is good. There’s a certain freedom to work how you think you should at Nonlinear, so even some of my more interesting t-shirts don’t cause a stir. Primarily, though, I enjoy the freedom to innovate, as it means that I get to enjoy my job and you get the benefits too, in your day to day work.

Outside of work, I’ve got a fairly wide range of interests: photography, technology, cognitive psychology, and enjoying the Northumberland coastline all make it onto my list. That said, the North Sea can be a little cold even for me (yes, there’s a story or two there). A few years ago, I also used my spare time to become an accredited hypnotherapist, although I don’t use that skill so much these days.

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