Laura Smith

Laura, outside our offices above the Newcastle quayside Hello, I’m Laura and I’m part of the EU sales team at Nonlinear. I’ve been here since graduating from The University of Manchester with a BSc Hons in Biology in 2009. I thoroughly enjoyed my degree, but much prefer working with people to working in a lab, and so a position in life science sales is perfect for me 🙂

So far, I’ve dealt mainly with our Progenesis SameSpots software which has been a great learning experience, and I’m starting to become more involved in our Progenesis LC-MS software now too. I’ve found that a great thing about Nonlinear is that the sales team works very closely with the software developers, meaning I can input all ideas and suggestions from you, our users, directly to them.

My love of meeting new people extends outside of work and I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures whenever possible. A great part of being in sales is that it’s always a pleasure speaking to our wide variety of software users, and hearing all the different topics you’ve been researching!

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Laura recently left Nonlinear Dynamics to spend some time travelling the world. Have a great time, Laura! 🙂