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Report research with confidence – Who else wants to publish small molecule LC-MS analysis confidently?

Meaningful results Over 800 groups worldwide are using Progenesis QI routinely to generate small molecules and proteomics results that really reflect the effect of the conditions in the experimental design, so they can have confidence in presenting these results to their peers, with minimal fear of false positives. How can we claim that only Progenesis […]

Missing values: the Progenesis co-detection solution

In my last blog I described the problem of missing values in discovery omics analysis and how it adversely affects the statistics. Now I’ll describe the Progenesis co-detection solution to this problem. First, a quick recap: the problem is caused by an inefficient workflow in which the feature ion signals are detected independently on each […]

Missing values: what’s the problem?

Missing values are a major problem in LC-MS based discovery ‘omics analysis and could be the difference between a successful research project and a failure. Whether you run a 3 vs. 3 experiment on a model biological system or a much larger clinical study, missing values will adversely affect the results; some expression changes which […]

Big cities and big science in Asia

Hi, my name’s Paul Goulding and I’m Nonlinear’s Business Development Manager for Asia, Africa and Australasia. I’ve been involved with sales to Asia and the Asia-Pacific region for many years now and have travelled to countries such as Japan, China, India, South Korea and Australia many times. This has given me the privilege of visiting […]

A round up from HUPO 2010

It’s been great to be back here in beautiful Sydney for HUPO 2010! Though I’ve been here a few times before, it’s my first experience of an Australian winter (it’s a bit like a British summer). Though I understand the delegate numbers are maybe a little down on previous years, an impressive number of delegates […]