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How to save your samples before it’s too late!

Picture this: You’ve planned your experiment, collected all of your samples and you’re ready to run them on your LC-MS. Time is tight, so you get your samples through as quickly as possible, making the best use of the time available to you. Finally, it’s complete and your data is ready for analysis – great, […]

“Making decisions is easy. Getting them right is the hard part.”

A phrase I’m sure we can all relate to, and one that’s got me thinking about the way we make decisions here at Nonlinear – decisions that affect our users and, ultimately, the way they analyse their data. So, how do we ensure we make the right decisions? Listening to our customers We regularly conduct […]

Peaks and valleys: coast to coast with Nonlinear Dynamics

Here at Nonlinear Dynamics, we like a challenge. So when John Renney, our Business Analyst, suggested that we cycle across Britain for charity, hands went up to volunteer! Volunteering is central to the charity that John supports: the Tony Blair Sports Foundation (TBSF) who train adult volunteers to become sports coaches in North East schools. […]

ProteoMMX 3.0 – Strictly Quantitative

One of the nicest parts of being a salesperson is that you get to go to conferences. I always think it’s a bit like a music festival in that it is a transient event – very much in the here-and-now, a meeting of minds. And every single conference is completely different! I am getting excited about […]

A report from EuPA 2013, St Malo

Having a love of oysters and coasts in general, I was the first to stick my hand up to attend EuPA 2013 in hauntingly beautiful St Malo. I was accompanied by Agnès Corbin and Andy Borthwick from Nonlinear Dynamics. And what a conference it was! It’s the first conference that I’ve attended since Nonlinear Dynamics […]

A water-filled week at EuPA / BSPR 2012

Last week I attended 2 very watery Scottish-related events.  The first was the Wimbledon Men’s final, starring Andy Murray, which was a wet affair until the impressive centre court roof was closed.  The second was the EuPA/BSPR 2012 meeting in rain-soaked Glasgow.  Luckily I had my wellies for both! I attended the meeting with my […]

News from the ItPA 2012 Congress in Viterbo

I was lucky enough to attend the ItPA 2012 Congress in beautiful, jasmine-scented, medieval Viterbo, Italy. The meeting was held at the Tuscia Rectorate, which was very calm and cooling in the high temperatures we experienced. We started with a very interesting opening lecture by Prof. Pierre Legrain entitled “Latest advances of the Human Proteome […]

ProteoMMX 2.0 “Strictly Quantitative”

Last week I attended the ProteoMMX 2.0 meeting here in my home town of Chester with my colleague, Martin Wells. Chester is a very beautiful old city, full of Roman archeological remains, which contrasted with the cutting edge scientific program and presentations.  Prof. Rob Beynon opened the meeting with a bit of history. A reminder […]

Question: “How many biological replicates do I need?” Answer: “Enough!”

I asked the question, “How many biological replicates do I need?” “Enough!” was the succinct answer, given with a wry smile, from my friend and colleague, Philippe Bogard, at the COST Action FA1002 Farm Animal Proteomics Spring Meeting 2011 held in Glasgow. We had the final, 19th slot, to give a presentation. We could have […]

Wine and proteomics at Proteomlux

I’d like to introduce myself — I am Juliet Evans and I work in the sales team at Nonlinear Dynamics. As I have young family, I do not travel often, so it was a real pleasure to attend Proteomlux, the International Conference on Proteomics in Plants, Microorganisms and Environment. Most of my work involves telephone […]