Monthly Archives: September 2015

"Welcome back!" to Gavin Hope, Principal Software Engineer

We’ve been busy as always at Nonlinear HQ, having been all over the world over the course of the summer attending conferences. We’ve released v2.1 Progenesis QI which sees our first steps into working with Direct Sample Analysis techniques with the iKnife. We’ve also released a free SDF management tool, Progenesis SDF Studio. So, to […]

From bees or not from bees: that is the question!

Today’s post is a guest post, kindly provided by Dr Chris Buck, an LC-MS Field Support Specialist for Waters Australia. He’s recently had an article published in Chromatography Today, looking at food adulteration – specifically, at adulteration of honey products. Here, he presents an overview of some of the issues that article covered and how […]