Monthly Archives: April 2015

Q&A: Elemental Composition in Progenesis QI, with Dr Jayne Kirk

Last month, we released version 2.0 of Progenesis QI, with a number of improvements in its compound identification workflow. One of these new features was the ability to calculate a compound’s elemental composition. Here, we’ll interview Dr Jayne Kirk, a Senior Applications Chemist at Waters, to learn a little more about the feature and how […]

Wall to wall proteomics in Berlin

A few weeks ago, I attended the Proteomic Forum in Berlin, which was held in The Technical University, from 22nd to 25th March. It was my first time in Berlin, a cosmopolitan city with a fascinating mix of people where, just as in London, anything can happen. 🙂 Since it was my first visit to […]

Announcing Progenesis SDF Studio

We’re excited to announce the release of the Progenesis SDF Studio – a free tool for the viewing and editing of SDF and MOL files. Why was it developed? One of the major bottlenecks in LC-MS metabolomics data analysis is identification – something that our latest release of Progenesis QI has targeted by adding more […]